PlotWatcher Pro Advantages

The PlotWatcher Pro takes time-lapse game scouting to the next level

PlotWatcher Pro takes time-lapse game surveillance to an entirely new level with many new features.

The longest battery life in the industry

The PlotWatcher Pro lasts up to 4 months on a single set of 8 AA batteries. That same set of batteries can power the PlotWatcher Pro to record up to 1 million images.

New Tru-Video™ technology

The PlotWatcher Pro saves files straight to video for fast and hassle-free viewing. Other “time-lapse“ cameras save files as individual images that are difficult to manage.

Top time-lapse performance

The PlotWatcher Pro has the fastest picture intervals on the market, as fast as one second between images. That means more images, more knowledge about where to plan your next hunt.

GameFinder software with MotionSearch

GameFinder video player software makes it a breeze to review your daily video files. Review them in forward or reverse at your choice of replay speed, or even scroll frame by frame for detailed review. Speed up the review process using the MotionSearch feature to skip to the next frame in which motion is observed. GameFinder software also allows you to easily build and share your own library of HD video clips and pictures. Download GameFinder software now and try it out.

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