PlotWatcher FAQ

What size USB should I use?

We strongly recommend the SanDisk Cruzer 4GB or 8GB USB drive. An 8GB USB Flash drive is recommended, and you will generally get between 2GB and 4GB of data on one set of batteries. This is between 20,000 and 30,000 pictures, depending on the amount of detail in the scene, type of USB drive, and type of batteries. Each image in the video file, when saved as a JPEG, is generally between 100KB and 200KB in size. 16GB Cruzers will work in the PlotWatcher, but they may need to be formatted before they will operate properly.  To format a USB drive, insert it into the computer, right click on the drive where the USB is inserted and select “Format.”  (Note: The User Guide states that only 4 and 8 GB drives can be used and that was the case when the User Guide was printed.  However, with improvements to the firmware, the 16GB Cruzer will now work in the PlotWatcher.)

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