PlotWatcher Success Stories

How has the PlotWatcher or PlotWatcher Pro changed the way you hunt? Let us know and we might include your PlotWatcher success story.

Randy from North Dakota

A friend recommended the PlotWatcher Pro to me this year for a new plot that I put in. I picked one up and put the unit in place and began to use it. I will admit that at first I was a little disappointed. I'm used to the image clarity of a traditional trail cam and I think my expectations were unrealistic.

After about a month I was completely on board. I started thinking of it as more of a data collector than just a camera. The data that I was getting was just as important as the pictures.

I have two other motion cameras in this area also. Sometimes I would have pictures but more often I would not. I would wonder if anything was coming in. When I would review the PlotWatcher, I would find out that I had deer in there pretty much everyday. As season got closer, I started seeing several bucks coming in. While it was difficult to estimate size from a distance, I knew they were coming in.

I am being serious here...if I had relied only on my traditional motion cameras, I would have probably spent more time hunting other areas. Knowing the data, I hunted almost entirely in this plot and I shot the biggest whitetail I've ever shot this year. Also, I had it set at 2 seconds and my batteries lasted 3 months. We had a warmer fall than usual but even still, that is way more than I expected.

Great job on this product and thanks! I will definately recommend this to my friends.

Hailey Green

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David Blanton
Small Parcel Giant!

Day6 customer Lonnie Gray put his PlotWatcher Pro to good use on his small piece of property and harvested a monster with a bow!

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PlotWatcher helps Kevin Milliren get his first bow kill

I got a Plotwatcher in June of this year and started using it regularly in my scouting of deer on my dad's property. When bow season started here in WI, I was confident in my stand location thanks for the PlotWatcher.

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