Ken Gable, Day 6 Customer

Hi Russ:

OK--I got the PlotWatcher Pro and put it out for just one day.  I placed my Bushnell trail camera on the same trail; one facing up the trail and the other facing down the trail.  They were placed about 40 yards apart facing each other.  I did this so I could see exactly how close any deer got to the trail camera.

After 24 hours, the trail camera had one picture of

part of one deer with the head and front shoulders cut off,  and showed another one that I could not see until I loaded it on my computer. It was barely visible.  Now this camera will take a decent picture but I was never quite sure what I missed because of the trigger speed and the distance required to trigger the camera to begin with.

The PlotWatcher Pro was impressive!!!  I got great video of both deer that showed up and watched the deer run around and move in front of the trail camera very close for several seconds.  (Again--I got one "not too good" picture on the trail camera.)   The detail on the PlotWatcher Pro was also very good.  Now granted, once the deer were 75 yards away, the distance was somewhat problematic as the zoom was not real clear but that was of no surprise.  With the PlotWatcher Pro I could easily see where the deer came from and where they went.  I also got video of a big black cat that the trail camera never got a picture of.   It was probably a little out of range for the camera.

Incidentally, the software was a breeze to load and worked really well on my PC. 

I am not sure why I would want to buy another regular trail camera!  The PlotWatcher Pro is a great product.

I will send in a review to Cabelas regarding the PlotWatcher Pro.  I have a couple of friends that I think will be interested in my findings as well.

Thanks again for the information and the help!

Ken Gable

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